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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  January 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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the blizzard of 2016 is barreling down on the dmv and we have complete coverage. thank you for joining us for
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the news at noon. >> we are glad you can be with us. and everything is close right now. we'll have any news update or alerts running at the bottom screen and you can follow everything blizzard related by downloading our 9 news app. first, let's go to -- >> chief meteorologist topper shutt and allyson ray. >> we are starting to get reports in right now of snow arriving and it's coming down hard. if we were to make a map on monday, which we did, we would have drawn this map. it has not changed much over the coming days. the confidence is running high. 18 to 24 inches of snow in our
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area. the big thing here is plus nine. that's more than 24 inches of snow, talk over two feet. down farther south, you're not going to see as much rain or snow. everyone will see a foot of snow, almost everyone. the storm is knocking on our toward step and she have meteorologist topper shutt is here. >> reminding everyone this is a marathon but not a sprint. this is where the snow is. showing you at 11:00, nice structure, cold air to the north. essentially a classic snow if you are into the nor'easter as it were. flakes flying in middletown, in west virginia. jim gave us a snow. it's going to become steady, accumulate quickly. this is snowing aloft. it's not -- the atmosphere is
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not quite saturated yet to hit the ground yet but it will hit the ground inside the beltway in the next hour, hour and a half. down to the west, warrenton has a little bit of snow. it's going to roll and envelope across the metro area everywhere. on the storm tracker, it's kind of hard to track snow but by fairfax, you can see flakes in the next 30 minutes and sterling, you can see flakes in the next 30 or 45 minutes as everything is moving to the north and to the east at a ity good clip. 8 to 14 overnight. 6 to 12 on saturday: yes. there will be an accumulation of 18 inches are know. and less to the east. let's talk about the wind gust tracker. this is going to be a huge factor as well. it will drift to snow and could
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lead to power outages. these are snap shots in time winds, not crazy, 17, 18, miles per hour. midnight, boom, maybe a 30 miles per hour wind gust around la plata and by 6:00, look at what happens. certainly, you will see the gusts across from the delmarva. the miles are a little aggressive with these winds. these will cause problems with power outages. we'll have more coming up. >> thank you, topper. >> s that serious storm. >> we had people saying it's starting to snow again. president geiss is joining into the storm and joins us in one of the newsrooms from culpeper, virginia. what is it looking like out there? >> reporter: good morning, guys. you can see beautiful historic
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downtown culpeper. it's pretty right now. knowing that a blizzard is coming, you say, no, you don't know. but it is pretty. it is happened about 15 minutes ago. topper nailed it. the roads are already covered in white. sidewalks just have a little bit of a glaze of snow. >> there is a woman with her ice scraper on hand and all bundled up, walking in front of our wusa car. listening to some police broadcasts, you can hear reports of collisions and incidents moving from south to north, all of this as the snow
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progresses from south to north with the number of wrecks and collisions in the woodsville area in southwest virginia appomattox district. and then cars are reporting here to the culpeper division started talking about snow- covered roads, slippery conditions and wrecks. make sure that you dust off the cars so you have good vision. >> we'll take a look attribute full downtown culpeper. andrea? >> all right. take it slow and easy. some businesses in culpeper and close in say they plan to stay open through the neighborhood. >> we have more in virginia where it is almost business as usual for some store owners
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there. >> that's right take a look at all the cars there in sterling, virginia. all the snow is falling right now. we do have a bunch of of shoppers including kay la. you can see bottles and bottles of water. >> we were running out of food and we needed to get grocery, any way. washington post of my friend were working. >> the snow has not fallen just yet but it's about to arrive any moment. yeah, i was really worried that giant was going to be really crowded today but it's not as crowded as i was expecting. >> talking to the store manager. they got restocked this morning, a full truck load. how dot shelves look at this point? >> they were all completely stocked except for the gallons of water. all the gallons were completely gone. >> are you excited about this snow you are telling me about? >> yeah, i'm very excited to get the two feet of snow. >> kayla was telling me, you
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are a fairfax county senior. you don't have school. >> we went to school on wednesday and had a snow dayon thursday and friday. >> i'm sure you will be doing a lot of snug willing -- shoveling for your parents and shopping. >> yes. >> reporter: back to you. >> thank you. eastern shore, they are expected to get a taste of this police ard, too. >> scott broom is headed to ocean city where, of course, they are worried about surf, especially since there is going to be a high tide. he is on route 97 in annapolis. how are the roads looking for you right there? >> right now, there is a surprising amount of traffic out and about to take care of the last-minute things that topper was talking about, going to anne arundel county. looking at the dashboard camera, you can see the chalky white salt layer that's been
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laid down with brine in the last two days. this is a typical thing. white chalky layer on the interstates. that is there so when the snow begins and vehicles begin to pack it down, it will not stick firm to the pavement as hard eyes and that gives the crews around the our region a head start on pushing it off. you talked about the eastern shore and the ocean which is where i've been assigned to go. there is a lot of concern down there because they are talking about a full on nor'easter which is just short of a hurricane. like a winter hurricane. we are looking at the possibility of 60, 70 miles per hour gusts and that could create some problems. on there is some anything concern about that. they are not talking about heavy amounts of snow. they are getting a lot of snow but that will change over to
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sleet, freezing rain overnight. three to four inches of snow is perhaps what forecast is. we'll check in with topper but it is the heavy wind and heavy rain expected tomorrow turning into a situation that some people have compared to a sandy setup. the national weather service in mount holly, new jersey, which is the station following the closest is down playing that scenario. they are saying this is not a sandy situation but a serious situation, nonetheless for coastal interests, which is why i'm on my way there. we'll keep an eye on there. we cover tropical storms but the nor'easter can be the real thing. >> they are, very, very dangerous. >> scott, thank you very much. it is 12:10. officials are warning people to get where they intend to wait
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out the blizzard. >> get it there now. >> i want to be very clear with everybody. we see this as a major storm it has life or death implications and all the residents of the district of columbia to treat it that way. we need the city's full cooperation. >> the mayor was also saying and the head of homeland security was saying this is not just a one-day event or a 48- hour event. prepare for this to be a 72- hour event with roads not cleared before next tuesday. >> they said they wanted to make sure that you stay off the road. >> nick giovanni is in a hardware store. this line was pretty long before they opened. >> this says it all. ice melts and shovels all sold out within 30 minutes this morning inside this hardware city. you can see they are still
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going right now. but literally, just unloaded a fresh shipment, the store did, where people were lined up, ready to grab and go. >> when wendy davis got to work wednesday morning, she had no idea what was waiting. >> we were talking about the shovels going, ice melts going. how fast? >> wow, you are talking about seconds. it was as soon as we unloaded the truck and brought it in, we already had a crowd. so it was less than 30 minutes. >> hardware city like hardware stores around the city was packed with people stocking up on supplies, essential for a potentially historic snowstorm. >> i'm getting windshield wiper, matches, gloves for my son. they have no excuse not to shovel. snow melt. and i think i'll do a project while i'm in the snow. >> reporter: not only was there a race for shovels and gloves and ice melts, some were trying
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to do some shopping. >> what are you looking for. >> sledding >> that's job 11, right? >> yes. >> what will you be doing? snow ball night. >> yes. >> actually, i love snow. i love snow. and, you know what, how often does this happen? >> amen. all these people complaining, you know what? we have summer. it will be here. >> reporter: so you can see, as serious as the blizzard may be there is some excitement. a lot of people are anticipating it. as you can see inside, still a lot of people preparing for it. we're going to inside and see what's left to purchase at this point. again, it is clearing out in a hurry. that's the latest from kensington, maryland. >> feeling sorry for that little guy. >> i like that woman. there will be summer. we don't know what el niƱo is going to mean for our summer but there is the snow and we can deal with it. there is an early crowd
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trying to beat the storm. at reagan international airport, people were traveling. >> we were there early and the airport was packed. >> people are not just rushing to get in, home and settled but others are hoping to get out. >> the countdown is on. with suitcases in tow, boarding passes on hand, people inside national reagan airport were moving swiftly early friday morning, many traveling far away from here away from the storm. tony dorsey is heading to hawaii. how do you feel about get away from it? >> i feel sad -- no, really, i feel glad that i'm getting away from the snow. >> catherine will be spending the weekend in miami. i have my carry-on.
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>> official, ready. crews are organized, crews prepped and conference calls with the airlines made. since airlines are in charge of cancellations and delays, officials are urging travelers to be in contact. >> i don't want to be get stuck here for ree days. >> and don't forget you can get the latest on traffic conditions, accident reports, flight delays by downloading the free wusa 9 app. >> it is major weather day. and our meteorologists are in the weather center and they are ready to give you the forecast. we have allyson ray and we have topper shutt. who wants to start us off? >> a-ray will start. >> we can hear you.
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>> and they can. >> okay, i'm here. >> all right. well, allyson, we'll talk about the potential for the snow, obviously and we will talk about where this may be in terms of history, its place in history. if we can go to 18, that would be awesome. if we can't go to 18 -- oh, look at that. thank you. go back. sorry. go back to 18 for me, okay? >> now, we talked about this. on sunday night and monday, we talked about this was going to be a major or historic storm. now we'll fall into the historic realm. let's break this down for you if we can. a-ray, you want to hit the space bar for me? so this could end up top 5. could end up -- going to be in the top 10. one to four inches by this evening. that's why we say, get off the road pretty much now. 88 to 14 overnight of the that's when it starts to become
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like a blizzard condition and whiteout and 6 to 12. yesterday, 30 inches possible. winds, 30 to 45 miles per hour. these are gusts. power outages are also possible. now, let's talk about the top five storms. and we are not going to touch number 1. at least i don't think we are. the models are thinking we might. but 18 inches, nicker boxer storm nicker boxer -- nicker boxer storm of '92. i don't think we'll touch this either but i think we're going to be in elite company. once we get over 16.6 inches, we'll thank you pass the storm of 1996 which is number 5 on d.c. list. we have all ten on our website. wind gust tracker. 9:00 tonight, not so crazy. wind, you know, 19, 20 miles per hour. we can handle that.
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as we go through tonight and into tomorrow morning, now we are looking at some pretty hefty winds. winds will become much stronger, earlier. by 6:00 a.m. on saturday, winds over 50 miles per hour per hour on the shore. 45 mile-per-hour winds in the metro area. by noon, still looking at wind anywhere from 35 hours. this is gusts and forecast as well. let's keep that in mind. by 10:00, winds are still gusting. now, we are looking at blizzard warnings in effect for pretty much the entire metro area including fret rick county and loudoun county. it's all about visibility. not how much snow is falling. we are looking for the potential of visibility under a quarter mile, okay, and that's what it's really all about, okay, and winds gusting to 40 miles per hour. wind chills will be 0 to 10 above. you do not want to get caught
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in that sort of a situation. further west, winter storm warnings but i have to tell you, this is going to be hitting haggerstown and cumberland. even to the south in maryland, we have this. it's about visibility. you will be mixed with freezing rain. south of la plata in terms of visible, this is why we are looking at belize ars warning. >> you are ready. >> we are ready. we have it all worked out now. this is the snowfall totals. we upped it here right here through the beltway. 18 to 24 inches. this is the area that could really sea it come on down. we are getting reports of a lot of snowfall through places like warrenton and winchester. once you get over 24 inches,
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forget about it. we are expecting nearly 30 inches of snow possible. la plata, 12 to 18. there is so much moisture to tap into that this is why we are ex-pegging the snowfall to climb and climb and climb. look at the blue areas, there the white. this is dangerous. if you have friends or family down through north carolina, that icing is going to be an issue. the blues indicate very heavy snow. you can see this develop here, heavy. so that is where we're going to pick up the snowfall totals and it's just going to accumulate. see how fast that snow accumulated a couple of days ago when we tried to get home? well, this is what it's going to be like. right here through fair view beach, we are seeing areas of good to moderate snowfalls. if you see the snow coming, send us a picture. and people put the yardstick,
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tape it out on your deck and you can see it come up. think of night before and after picture. first alert live doppler through winchester, 81 corridor. good snowfall there and just getting started. once it starts, it will just continue until tomorrow. so, by 6:00 tomorrow evening, really the damage is done. we'll see most of the snow already falling from there. here is the storm tracker. this is a little fast, but timing has been pretty on par to what we have been seeing. through la plata, in just a couple of minutes, you will see more moderate snowfalls there. between 12:00 and 2:00, here you go, 1:18 hopefully you are home, watching us taking it easy. 1:33. you do get a break through at 1:33. areas on to the north, you do get a little bit more wiggle
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room with the timing there. if you are doing your last- minute errands, make sure that it is the absolute last errand. by tomorrow, some things will start to deteriorate. the next couple of hours, going to be pretty snow, falling. once the winds pick up and the visibility drops, that's going to make it pretty dangerous out there. and that's going to be for much of the day on saturday. we'll have that future cast coming up for in you just a bit. now, we'll send it back to you guys >> all right, allyson, thank you. emergency officials are asking people to stay indoors and you heard why. but for some, that's no option. they have about be out. >> here at the good year in mclane, we have people now just trying to get prepared for the blizzard. your name? >> steve. >> reporter: what are you here for? >> we had to get new tires. the tires were low and the blizzards coming, i didn't want to take any chances.
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>> the blizzard is coming in two hours. >> y, i know. we are last-minute people. we have four new tires now. >> this is eddy's birth day the blizzard is 2016. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> is it cradlesy today? >> it's nuts. >> they want it yesterday, not today. they are almost all welcome. >> you had to turn a few down because you didn't have room. >> very, very few. nonemergency things like oil changes and stuff like that. if it's tires, brakes, anything that has to do with safety, we took it. >> reporter: your son dave is here? >> yes. >> reporter: you came to wish your dad happy birthday. happy birthday, daddy. you told me you can drive this lexus in the snow. >> easily. it's not a matter of how
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dangerous it is, but a matter of how good of a driver you are >> reporter: you have new tires. you say you have driven this car before in the snow? >> yeah. >> reporter: you know we'll get as many as two feet. >> yeah, just wait for them 0 clear the roads and drive in cleared roads >> reporter: you are prepared and you are going over to your brother's house. >> yes >> reporter: what did you bring? mattress, food, three days worth of clothes >> reporter: you'll try to stay off the road? [ chuckling ] >> reporter: you see this daddy? what's going on? >> he is going to stay off the road. i'll make sure of it. >> reporter: here we are at the good year, getting ready for the belize are. i'm peggy fox. >> now, we have somebody on the phone in charge of transportation and bringing out the information. kimberly gibbs -- ken gibbs is the head of the transportation. >> how are things looking as we
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saw at reagan national airport? >> it's clearing out now. many flights have canceled and passengers have taken advantage of changed fee waiver. >> what's the best advice for commuter who is still need to get out town before 3:00 wednesday. >> if they have a flight scheduled for 3:00 or later, they should definitely check with their airline before even leaving for the airport. if possible, take advantage of the change fee waiver. additionally, it's important that passengers don't come to the airport if their flight has been canceled. they do rebooking, reservations online. >> we had a chance to live through some serious storms here in the d.c. area but nothing like what we are expecting. how long can you possibly take to try to get things back to normal. can it take days?
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can it take a week? >> the interconnectivity of the air traffic system, could take several days for traffic to return to norm yaw. we have mobile teams at both airports prepared to clear the runways and roadways so things can get back to normal as quickly as possible. >> how big is the team. you have not seen too much precipitation out there right now. so they are ready but how long is the rotation for people clearing those runways and de- icing the planes? >> well, we have done a full recall of our snow removal teams. at dulles international, about 250 people clearing the runway, treating the roadways so that we can remain open as long as possible and at reagan international, that will be about 150 people. >> kimberly, our meteorologists say they have not seen anything
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like this in terms of amount of snow. you remember, one, when we had this much preparation and, two, this much dread about the snow coming to town? >> at the airport, we are always preparing for inclement weather. yes, this is a monster of a storm but we prepared in advance but we hope to keep up with the snow removal. can we want our employees to be safe as well as the traveling public. >> kimberly gibbs, we appreciate your time. good luck. this is going to be one big challenge in the days ahead. >> absolutely. >> let's go to allyson with an update. >> we are starting to see the snow arriving for areas to the south. weaver talking about how dangerous the storm could be. look at the visibility. no problems here. we are watching, waiting the storm to arrive, ten mile
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visibility. once you head down to front royal, look at how the visibility is completely shut off. >> reporter: once we get a lot of snow on the ground, the wind picks up, everything will start blowing around and it's going to be so hard to see. the worst of it happens when it's nighttime. you are not going to see anything. this is why we are waving the big red flag saying, this is very dangerous. here is where the heaviest stuff will come on through. this is also when the winds are going to pick up out of the northeast. very strong. the strongest winds are going to be down here from charleston and calvert county and anne arundel county. snow across the board. no escaping it. it's relentless, will continue. then you get that little bit of mix here through 10:30. this is the high impact time from 8:00 at night right
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through saturday morning. if you head to bed and wake up in the morning and if you are a snow lover, you'll walk up and see the snow outside your window be a be very excited. if you are not a snow love, here you go. it's going to come anyway. 1:30 in the morning on saturday. looking at heavy snow in winchester. winchester, snow totals will add up here through haggerstown. as we head through saturday morning, it will continue and areas south, this is what you want to watch out for those power outages. saturday morning, strongest wind. 1:00 a.m. saturday to 1:00 p.m. sad day -- saturday is where the wind will get the strongest. get prepared. have the battery, candles ready to go in case you have the power outages there. now that the snow is starting, when does does it end? when does it get out of here? much of the morning will be a complete washout. don't go on the road. by 4:00, still high impact
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time. you can still see the moderate snowfall right through the beltway. really up through frederick, 70, gaithersburg, clarksburg, germantown still pretty good. once the sun sets on is the day, winds are going to shift. now instead of those strong northeasterly winds, winds will turn to the northwest. that will help to kick things out of here. by 6:00 to 8:00, you will see as much snow as you have seen. now we start to break records, adding an inch or so. and by saturday night, 12:30 on sunday, we are done. the snow is out of here. however, it's still going to be very breezy and now the cleanup process begins. that's something that we'll be watching through sunday and to see how much we have to really dig out. if you do see the snow pile up and you can go out there and start to shovel a little bit out of time, that's going to be a lot easier and save your self tomorrow than


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